Race Map 2017

Race Course 2017

Turn-by-turn Directions

Start at closest brick crossing to Laishley Crab House

Go around Circle at Laishely

Right turn at Retta

Right turn onto 41 North

5K U-turn at Charlotte Harbor Sign on NB41

10k Right in to Live Oak Point Park

10k Loop through Park and back out onto 41 at Charlotte Harbor Sign heading South on NB41

Left turn onto Retta

Left turn onto Nesbit

5k left at the Circle by Laishley in to finish line

10k right at Circle by Laishley in to park. Follow sidewalk past fountains down to water

10k Right at bike rack onto Harborwalk

10k Follow Harborwalk past Hurricane Charley Palm tree

10k Follow Harborwalk all the way to the end

10k Right turn at end of Harborwalk on to Adrienne Street

10k Right turn on to Marion Street

10k Right turn onto MLK

10k U-turn sign on MLK by Vietnam Wall

10k Left turn onto Marion Street

10k Left on Adrienne Street

10k Left onto Harborwalk

10k Left at Hurricane Charley Palm

10k Follow sidewalk out to Nesbit by the Vietnam Wall

10k Right onto Nesbit

Left at Circle into finish

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